When I discovered clay I found a way to incorporate two passions...drawing and sculpting.  I prefer to have my hands and fingers directly engaged with my medium, so I'm drawn to those where I can brush my fingers over a page or a clay surface, feeling the response of the elements under my fingertips.  There is often a sensation of deep connection to ancient artisans when working with clay or charcoal, as though time is no barrier between me, a Paleolithic artist or a Neolithic potter/sculptor.  There are moments when I feel catapulted into another world...

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I fire at Cone 6 Oxidation (electric) in a large production kiln that allows for taller pieces or sections, primarily using a porcelain clay that I get from the well known Archie Bray Foundation in Helena MT.  It's a lush porcelain that suits throwing and hand building.  I settled on oxidation firings because I work with so much detail; painting and carving.  Cone 6 retains those efforts as well as creating durable outdoor pieces.  Experimentation and time have given me a palette of underglazes, glazes, and pigments that create toasty and earthy surfaces which meld with the organic attachments.

Galleries (current) and Shows: 
Latigo & Lace - Augusta MT
Dancing Buffalo - Virginia City MT​​


​​Art for the Arts - Great Falls MT
Gallery 16 - Eight Artists - Great Falls MT
Lewis and Clark Outdoor Gala - G.F. MT
Buck Nekkid/Latigo & Lace - Augusta MT
St. Peter's Foundation - Helena MT

ANA 23 Holter Museum of Art - Helena MT
Governor's Mansion - Helena MT
Secretary of State Office - Helena MT

Aug - Oct, 2011:  "100 Mile Radius - A Response to Place" 5 Woman Show at Paris Gibson Square/Great Falls MT

August 2014 - Featured Artist - Beartooth Gallery, Red Lodge MT
August 2018 - 4 Person Show, Red Lodge MT​

Out West Art Show [OWAS]
​Great Falls MT:  2018, 2019

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Christine McKay 2015​
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100 Mile Radius - A Response to Place
Aug - Oct. 2011  Paris Gibson Square
​Great Falls MT