I paint with acrylic on board, most often "Ampersand Claybord" because of its silky surface.  The large paintings (2-4 feet +) are created on prepared board.  The paintings are 3/4 to 2 inches deep depending on the size & painted black for clean unframed edges.  My husband casts bronze plaques with my own designs, including my signature (see right pic).  These small plaques are attached to the sides.  Sometimes, horsehair attachments are added as seems fitting [they include horsehair, porcelain beads, Czech glass, turquoise, bone, brass &/or "tin" cones, & hemp twine].    

If you are interested, request pricing or have other questions, please contact me at my email address:   
cimckay.4@gmail.com ​​ 

Wolf in My Woods - 8x8"  

The Messengers - 8x8"
Makah Wave Riders- 8x8"
Trickster Brothers - 8x8"
Healing Song- 8x8" with two horsehair attachments
Pals in the Sun - 8x8"
Talk Story - 8x8"
Boreal Dreams - 8x8"
Horse and Magpies - 8x8"
Sweet Talk - 8x8"
Mongolian Dreams - 8x8"
Inspiration - 8x8"
Ho'olo i na moe'uhane
​[Listen to Dreams]
Epona- 8x8" with  single horsehair attachment
Grandfather Talks, She Listens - 8x8" with single horsehair attachment​
Midnight Stroll - 8x8"
Day and Night- 8x10"

Prairie Pals - 8x10"
People of the Salmon - 11x14"
People of the Salmon  11x14" w/black shadowbox frame, 
​ 3/8" profile x 2" depth

Ixchel:  Mayan Jaguar Woman  8x10"
Okanadi:  Protector of Women - 8x8"
Sky Riders - 8x8"
High Plains Folk - 24x36"
Sisters of the Earth - 24x36"
The Return - 24x48"
Leather & Spurs - 8x10" w/Celtic Knot conchos & leather
People of the Atlatl - 8x8"  NFS